How to stay happy in Sweden (or other cold country)

This article is mostly dedicated to the ones that decide to move to Sweden or another “cold” country like this. As I am myself an immigrant, I hope that my experiences will help you adapt and stay happy in your new country.

When you choose to live in a cold country, you shouldn’t have high expectations about the friendliness of the people around there. I always wondered why they were so quiet and singular, but after spending almost 5 years here, I understand. Having such a cold weather for almost half a year and experiencing more darkness outside than light, coldness instead of warmth and rain instead of sunshine, I started behaving quite similar to Swedish people. I do believe that weather can have a great influence upon your mood. So, how did I manage to get over those depressive feelings?

Firstly, I read a book entitled “Bringing up girls in Bohemia” by Michal Viewegh and until now I remember the quote that made me realize what happiness actually is: ‘Happiness is when you are pleased”. This phrase made me think a lot about life and about gratitude. I started analyzing my own life and I saw that I had a place to live in, food and clothes. I was healthy as a horse and had a promising future. How many people in this world have all these things? Perhaps less than half of the total world population. Above all, I was living in a country filled with opportunities for my personal development.

Secondly, STOP comparing your native country with your new one. They are not and will never be similar. If you want to be happy, just try to “forget” where you came from and start over. Start a new life. Sounds exciting, right?

Lastly, don’t give up on your hobbies. Do what you like; read a book, join different associations/ clubs. This is how you will get to know all sorts of people and make friends with them. By the way, don’t expect Swedes to open up easily; take your time with them. Some are a bit introvert at the beginning, but after a while they will become good friends!


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