8fit meals: are they worth it?

In my previous article entitled “Why I chose health over cigarettes”, I began to talk about the different health benefits that you get when you choose to quit smoking. Since then I wanted so badly to change my lifestyle as well, because I do believe that nutritional meals, exercising and  not smoking really have an impact upon your overall mood. I started researching different healthy recipes, but I couldn’t find any website that provides a meal plan or even the recipes. However, I did find some websites that offer some sort of guidance or nutritional advices, but the recipes I found there were too complicated or consisted of ingredients I never heard about. I know it may sound like a commercial (too bad I am not paid haha), but finding 8fit was the best deal ever.

8fit provides a cheaper alternative to a nutritionist/fitness instructor. They offer a free version, but I really recommend the whole thing (especially if you don’t smoke anymore and you have some spare cash). However, what I want to focus on here are the meals. I am at the beginning still, but I feel that every new recipe I try has a positive impact upon my wellbeing. For me, that is what matters. Before starting your own meal plan, you can set it up depending on your preferences: if you are a vegetarian, or if you want to make fancy recipes, simple ones. They have everything.

The fun part is experimenting. I never thought I could cook such a tasty meal out of 4 ingredients. So, the recipe of today was: chicken breast, eggplant, chives and walnuts. Add everything to a frying pan (everything sliced of course!) with olive oil, add some salt, pepper and soy sauce….and voila:

8fit meal


I think I will use 8fit until I create a routine for myself. I believe it’s the best thing to do, afterwards I will end my subscription.

By the way, you should try that recipe as well! Very simple, cheap and easy…and it takes only 25 minutes!

Happy cooking!


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